Finding Bella: Athena’s Stories

After a week of chasing down every lead possible, I found myself standing in front of an abandoned building in West York. It had a large red box with a white X on the front, letting everyone know that it was condemned. The church across the street had long since closed its doors for the... Continue Reading →

Missing Bella; Athena’s story

It had been another long night, in a string of long nights. I returned to my home in the OA and fell back onto my black, overstuffed couch. My home in Pennsylvania was closer, but right now I needed somewhere I could truly relax and decompress. I needed to be home with my family. I... Continue Reading →

Never ending lists

The infamous lists. Almost all of us have them and they are always so long. I have daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists. Each list is then broken down into three categories: Must do, should do and would like to do. I write them out and try to get as much done as possible before... Continue Reading →

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